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Lone Tree, CO – LT Maps

City of Lone Tree, CO, Offers their LT Maps website, built on Incline Management Studio as a public facing point of contact for their data. Allowing users to query basic city data sets, markup maps with annotation and print the result, makes Citizen self-service mapping, quick and easy.

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Jefferson County, CO – JMap

Jefferson County Colorado’s jMap Application, built on Incline Management Studio, supports a population of over 500,000 residents.  This tool allows the public to preform their own analysis and reporting, freeing up staff time for higher priority projects. With both internal and external tools, the application supports private processes and data along side the public site.  […]

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Casper, WY – GeoSmart

Casper, located in central Wyoming, has implemented Incline Management Studio as their GeoSmart online web portal.  This portal serves both the public and the internal staff of Casper and its surrounding cities, including Natrona County government.  This group makes up the Natrona Regional Geospatial Cooperative; which shares data between each entity in an effort to minimize […]