Resort & Snow Management

North Line GIS has worked with a number of ski resorts in the development of a GIS specific to their needs. We provide complete asset management tools for tracking snowmaking, lifts, electric, telecom features and more.

The management system allows the users to access the data in the field, perform inspections and share the data with other contractors. Our services also account for property and retail management needs.  North Line GIS has built applications for water management used in area expansions, storm and source water requirements along with field inspection built on the GIS.

The resorts are able to access the information from the office to the field with complete connectivity to track all the features, equipment and assets in the resort in real time. North Line GIS also provides snow management tools for mapping snow depths, loading areas, avalanche modeling and planning applications to aid in the best placements for assets along with use permitting. Using the tools provided in the GIS, our clients are able to employ applications for construction planning, area management, and asset tracking through a single point of access along with integrating other management systems.