Special Districts

North Line GIS provides a wide range of GIS services to Special Districts. We work with utility, parks and recreation/open space, water conservancies, irrigation, and emergency services districts providing GIS solutions. These cover district mapping and asset management, work order management, routing and planning, community outreach, property management, along with integrations  with 3rd party systems such as SCADA, billing, and dispatch. We provide GIS training to office and field staff to create a seamless link from the office to the field and back again. Our facility management solutions will also help save time and money by providing immediate access to the information needed. By using Storymaps in a web based environment, Special Districts are able to share Capital Improvement Projects, Events, and the history of the District with their customers using tools included with basic Esri licensing. Our work order management solutions are based on applications which are built into the Esri platform and only need to be configured to the District providing a easy to use and manage system which has an operations dashboard for quick reporting. Offering strategic planning, data design/development and GIS implementation,  North Line GIS can organize and deploy your organizations data in modern, real-time applications.

North Line GIS is also a member of the Special District Association of Colorado and seeks to understand all aspects faced by Special Districts and how GIS may be used to benefit the Districts. Contact us to see if your District may benefit from our GIS solutions.